Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Kid on "Banksy"

Today I realized that I should keep the day job and give up the idea of ever being a “street artist”. I haven’t quite got the nerve to do it, although trying to do it in broad daylight and on quite a busy street surely isn’t the way to go about it.

My idea was to put stickers on to these funny looking objects protruding from the wall on Victoria Road. I had walked passed them for months and had what I thought was a fantastic idea. There are 12 of these things and I thought “Hmm, the 12 disciples…”

So one sunny morning on my way to Uni, armed with my pre drawn and pre cut stickers I went about my business. Standing there nervously as traffic whizzed past, I nervously tried to peel the backing from my stickers (I knew I shouldn’t have cut my nails the night before), too afraid to use my scalpel incase “lifted” by the polis for having a dangerous weapon in my possession.

Although the sun was shining, it was blowing a gale, so it proved most difficult to stick my stickers, as they weren’t sticky enough and kept blowing away. Again thoughts of the police reprimanding me for litter louting entered my head as I tried picking up all my discarded bits as they flew about all around me. My heart did sink into my belly when a police car roared past sirens blaring and I had visions of the Tully “47 year old man arrested for Graffiti/Vandalism”. Probably chasing some real graffiti artists!

Anyway I managed to get 4 done before I cowardly gave up and planned to go back at a later date but so far have not done so. I should, because when I went home I explained what I’d been up to my partner and a friend, my partner laughed and shook her head in disbelief while the friend got all excited and animated having seen these images from the bus and how much it made him laugh.

Time has passed and I haven’t tried it again, but now, everytime I walk past the site I have 2 faces and one eye staring at me reminding me of my failure.


Rebecca said...

Well done, John! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Definitely brighten up a boring wall. Now I need to go down Victoria Road to see them in real life.

Anonymous said...

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