Monday, 25 January 2010

Rubberband Ball 2

Well on Friday I threw down the gauntlet to my son Harvey & told him that I too was making a rubberband ball. His face was a picture when I showed him what I had done, (picture from previous post can be found here
The contest hotted up yesterday when we decided to go swimming, walking up to the bus stop we saw the pavement littered with red elastic bands (slight exaggeration!) & the fight began as to who could collect the most - well, I picked up 32 & Harv found 22 (so he said, I'm not so sure). Anyway mines is biggest so far & weighs in at 31gms compared to Harvey's 26gms.
Here's a photo of my gigantic effort -


jon said...

Your gigantic effort.. and your rubber ball..! ;) What's with your head in the shot..! :D

Duncan said...

I remember making rubber band balls as a kid - one lad made a football out of them - we use to get the bands from the posties, that was until school found out and banned them from handing them over. Happy days.