Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Robot Power

Everywhere you go on the web there are pictures of robots, they seem to be a popular subject for illustrating - so I have decided to add my own (forgetting that there is already a robot on my blog somewhere!).
These 2 were done a few years back, but I have uploaded them here to show you 2 different styles but having some similarities.
The robot(L) was created using pieces of my son's toys - plastic pliers, motorbike frames & a computer mouse, then creating a montage background with found photographs/images.
The robot(R) is a simplified drawn image of robot(L) and placed in a similar drawn background.
Both of these illustrations have a certain charm about them. In fact I am using the robot (R) in an animation that I hope to have uploaded here at some point - so stay tuned as they say!

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